Japan Used Cars Exporters and Traders in South Africa

Japan Used Cars Exporters and Traders

35From Japan used cars exporters and used vehicle traders are seeking great passion among people in South Africa these days. The reason behind this is the superior quality and technology of these used cars exported from Japan to South Africa. Full up with unexpected Japanese technology and high standard maintenance, these used cars are more in demand even when compared with brand new cars. All this has given the rise to Japan used cars exporters industry that seems to be making the breakthrough in changing the world’s automobile economy for the better.

As we know all good product comes with some negative by products. As this industry is growing the number of used cars exporters in Japan are also growing and many of them are not genuine. In fact in South Africa many of them are bogus and you may end up wasting your heard earned money on a car that is just the problem of the other. Although the advent of online shopping has done much for the betterment of customer convenience still the procedure is not free from complicated procedures. There are increased risks involved in the entire buying process these days.

Ask you self following 2 question if you want to help yourself to get a car of your dream next to your door.

  1. Is the used car trader is Authorized Member of Export Association?

Ensure that your Japan used cars exporters in Japan an authorized member of JUMVEA. JUMVEA is Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association which ensures the credibility of the individual or the firm who export used cars from Japan to South Africa or any other country. Check if JUMVEA is cited in the company’s website. JUMVEA is the only export association which is approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METT) in Japan.

  1. How to get familiar with Japan with Trade Laws in Japan for Used Car export?

If you are living in South Africa and want to export used car from Japan then it is not quite easy to get aware with the laws and regulation that govern trade and commerce in Japan. Therefore you need a source to get know how about this and embassy of Japan is the paramount for you to get the following information.

  • Registration Details Of Japan Used Cars Exporters: You can find this information through a document called Tohon. This document relates the first two points mentioned above. Ensure if in Japan used cars and vehicles exporters online is registered with the authorized regulatory body for import and export in Japan. You can get this document checked from the Japanese Embassy in South Africa.
  • Delivery Details and Options: You can also make a checklist of the shipping companies for used cars from Japan. Take feed backs from previous buyers you know. Beside this company’s physical address, number of years it is in the used car export business, and details of its expenses can help you to check the authenticity of the used car exporter in Japan.

Although these tips are just a start towards the right path, but I am sure that in Japan used cars exporters (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) who even follow these will never be a bogus one. Go with only reliable used car exporters in Japan who have a huge portfolio of selling used cars in South Africa.