Top 4 Steps to Buy Hyundai Starex 2008 Online

Buying Hyundai Starex 2008 Is Not Difficult Anymore:

30Used car purchase is a very difficult decision especially if this is the first time you are buying car from Japan. Japanese used cars have gained popularity in last decade as compare to past when there was no trend of importing cars from other countries. With the passage of time and change in the import policies local dealers and buyers start exploring new markets and regions for doing business and importing cars become easier than ever.

Japan is one of the leading exporters of used cars in the world, there are few major reasons for this reputation and they are feasibility of export, massive supply of used cars every year, easy import terms, durability of the cars, maintenance and Japanese auctions.

Importing Hyundai Starex 2008?

It does not matter you have to import Nissan Ad Van or Hyundai Starex in any case the import terms, the supply of cars and the process will be same. You should consider the five steps of successfully importing used cars from Japan to any region around the globe:

#1: Remember It Is Used Car:

Do not forget while starting to negotiate that it is a used car, even if you have got a local dealer sitting in Japan, a used cars selling company or an individual who will be bidding on your behalf in auction you should ask for either car assessment report or auction sheet from the seller to assure maximum satisfaction before making any payment.

#2: You Can Not Take Test Drive:

Since the deal for Hyundai Starex 2008 is online therefore you cannot take a test drive, you are lucky if you can ask anyone on your behalf to go and take a test drive for 30 minutes. But in a case you cannot get this chance you should ask for real car pictures from the seller and make sure these pictures should not be edited in Photoshop.

#3: Double Check All Documents:

The documents required to import cars from Japan are:

– 3 sets of bill of lading

-2 sets of original commercial invoice

– JAAI certificate, JAAI stands for Japan Auto Appraisal Institute

-Export de-registration certificate of the vehicle

– Export certificate (in some countries it is required by the custom department)

– Ownership certificate (in some countries it is required by the custom department)

-Inspection certificate from JEVIC, JEVIC stands for Japanese Export Vehicle Inspection Center Col Ltd

– Auction Inspection sheet

#4: Be On-Time at the Port:

Since there are so many cars and shipment, you should be on-time at the port to check everything carefully. The shipment company and the seller will take responsibility of shipping your Hyundai Starex 2008 ( safely till your country port, once the car will leave the port any damages, disputes, issues will not be considered by Shipment Company or seller. And you will be bearing all loses.