Hyundai Click 2009- The Korean Vehcile

The Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean multinational based in Seoul, South Korea. As according to World Ranking of Manufacturers by production, the company stands on fourth position, selling 3.6 million vehicles across globe.


The Hyundai Click as called in local market, is name Hyundai Getz Prime in India, Dodge Brisa in Venuzuela, Inokom Getz in Malaysia and Hyundai TB in Japan. It is amoung  a great selling stock from Hyundai make with initial marketing across globe except America, Canada and China. The car comes as a three door and five door hatchback and over the year had improved for better.

ftbh06The Hyundai Click 2009 came in trim levels of 1.4 GL, 1.4 GL Comfort and 1.4 GLS with chassis DBA-TB14 bringing in engine G4EE in front wheel front engine drive. It came with 12 valves Single Over Head Camshaft in inline 4 cylinder straight engine. The Double Over Head Camshaft comes with 16 valves with direct fuel injection and Turbo diesel. This allowed better performance with controlled airflow leading to better engine speed function. The 4 speed automatic transmission brought in output of 95 hp, in petrol version, while the diesel version also had speed advantage. Hence whether it was about fuel economy through petrol engine or performance advantage through diesel engine; all was best facilitated through Hyundai Click 2009.


The Hyundai Click 2009 exterior in colors like Black, Green, Silver, Yellow, Beige and Blue gives Hyundai Click 2009 an enhanced look, with the alloy wheels and roof rail giving it a style filled tough appearance. The interior of this vehicle aided in state of art experience. The Hyundai Click 2009 leather seats made the seating comfortable with Temperature Control to adjust the interior climate as according to mood. The TV and Navigation worked on infotainment side making the accessibility to nearest petrol pump, shopping center and hotel a click away. The favorite programs were also there to entertain one on the go. The beige or black general interior to red and green rare interior further enhance the feel inside.

hyundai-veracruz-4The Anti-lock Braking System with Traction Control makes the car run smooth no matter in case of emergency turn or wet and rough surface exposure. The brake failure could be reduced giving the mishap a full blown break. The seat belts with sensor to assist in collision further makes Hyundai Click 2009 your helper to drive.


Hence Hyundai Click 2009 (, has done wonders for its markets, gaining a unique position in Nicaragua, Russia and Sudan.