Honda Company is Intending to Make Lighter Cars in Future- A New and Lighter Look of Honda Civic 2009 is Expected

No More Innovation in Honda Civic 2009:

72The Honda Company is a popular name in automobile industry since decades. It is based in Japan but the models that this company launches are in demand globally. It is the continuous upgrade in all Honda cars, the comfort level, innovation in designs that convince the buyer to look for Honda Civic as compare to other well-known brands. With this approach of innovation and continuous improvement the company is found to be doing some research and planning to invest more on lighter cars and it is not willing to make more new models and launches of Honda Civic 2009. The reason might be cost, definitely the lighter vehicle will consume less steel, less parts, will be easier to drive,  suitable for youngsters, consume less space in parking, consume less fuel due to compressed fuel tank, run faster on road because of light body and gives the buyer the immense pleasure while driving the car.

New Plans to produce Lighter Cars Instead of New Honda Civic 2009:

The company has started making new plans and according to a Japanese newspaper the manufacturing plant reported that they will mainly focus on wielding the outer panels to the frame instead of assembling of ceiling, the use of bolts and reinforcing material will be minimized as well. According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei the company improved one of the two production lines, which works on N box, this step will help in producing lighter N box and the overall vehicle manufacturing cost will be reduced.

The aim of producing lighter vehicles is not only minimizing the cost but to provide such Japanese Honda Civic 2009 ( to the automobile industry which cut the accident ratio, consumes less fuel, runs smooth on the road and reserve less space in the parking. These are although minor factors but with the growing number of vehicles on the roads the manufacturing have to consider social and economic factors too besides increasing sales and demand of their cars in the market.