Harare, Zimbabwe Losing Revenue

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The Zimbabwe parking authorities are loosing thousands of dollars on parking system installed by the Government. According to the sources it has been observed that the systematic parking system at EasiPark , Harare installed by EasiHold used to generate revenue of $220,000 to $260,000 easily. However due to the interference of locals and parking personnel working over there manual receipts of parking were found to be issued Harare,Zimbabwe .

The situation started to go worst when exhaustive issuance of manual receipts were reported in a large number. The EasiHold system was not upgraded hence the personnel when asked, said they had to use the manual systems which has little or no accountability due to massive in number of issuance.

The corporate commission division of the city said they should take steps to upgrade the system either or the contract should be handed over to new company. Few proposals including the Pak Rite Pvt Ltd are being considered in order to install new automatic and computerized system.

The new system will eventually increase the revenues rapidly and will cut down the accountability and tracking issues.