First Batch of Nissan 4×4 SUVs will be Launched in Nigeria

first batch of 4x4 SUVs in Nigeria

The Nissan car manufacturing company decided to launch first batch of 4×4 SUVs in Nigeria. The CEO of Nissan Motor Company, Ghosn declared that this April, the company has bigger plans.  The company plans to assemble the vehicles in the Lagos plant where Volkswagon used to be assembled earlier. This step will encourage the company to manufacture and roll out 2-3 million cars in Nigeria. It will not only facilitate Nigerians to use the cars by buying locally but it will also create huge number of jobs which will be fruitful for the Nigerian economy.

Considering the growing demand of Nigerians for SUVs the company took the decision to setup the plant locally. The President of Nigeria, Jonathan stated that it will boost the Nigerian automobile industry as well and the country’s automobile policies will be revised shortly.

The President also declared that the first batch of these cars re expected to be launched in April 2014 by the company. There are positive hopes and optimism behind this step which will be in best interest of the Nigerians. Regardless of the local manufacturing and assembling some sources said that the import of used cars from Japan and other countries will remain same. This is due to the ground reality that the Japanese used cars are affordable and durable at the same time for end-user.