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Unregistered Cars Bounded by Zimbabwe

unregistered cars

The Zimbabwe car dealers and importers receive their imported vehicles on Walvis Bay, Namibia and then drive it to their destination via Botswana. After change in policies by Botswana Government regarding imported vehicles now the importers from Zimbabwe have to

300 Vehicles Impounded by Zimbabwean Authorities

300 vehicles impounded in zimbabwe

Approximately 300+ vehicles are impounded by Zimbabwean authorities due to increase in unregistered vehicles in the country. The act was executed in order to cut down the crime rate and maintain peace. The crimes like robbery, theft, violating the law

Zimbabwe Spending on Luxury Cars Regardless of the Economics Crises

luxury cars zimbabwe

The Government of Zimbabwe has invested millions of dollars in purchasing luxury cars for the government deputy and provincial ministers. Regardless of the fact that the economy of Zimbabwe is facing difficulties and crises the recent said investment might be