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What To See- Used Car Dealers in Zambia

Zambia is a landlocked country with limited resources. Yet the history proves that those who are willing to go extra miles are able to make their mark. We have the example of Japan, a country with limited resources, which made

Homework to do when Buying from Online Car Dealers in Zambia

The improving domain of online buying has even facilitated countries from Africa in going for online purchase. It may vary from buying clothes to cars. Zambia is one such market where online sales of used cars has cannibalized market share

Toyota After Sales Support Setup in Zambia

toyota post sales

The corporate affairs manager Gilbert Mfuya stated that the company is interested to set up post-sales support staff at various locations of the country. The company is also taking interest in deploying sales agents who will be operating at different

Maamba Bridge Destroyed by Flood

mambaa bridge Zambia

The main access bridge from the western Maamba Bridge has been washed away, scarcely a month after its restoration by Maamba Collieries Limited at an expense of over K15,000. Head of corporate undertakings Janardhan Lavu said the circumstances were awful

Explore the Sanctuary Zebra Plains in Zambia

Zebra Plain Zambia

In order to reach the Zebra Plain one has to go through the Canoe River, though you might want to touch the running water but hold on, there may be crocodiles in there so you should be aware. If you