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Rice is the Most Preferred Cash Crop in Uganda

rice crop

Rice is now becoming a preferred cash crop in Uganda due to increasing demand and supply at the same time. abut 10 years ago rice was a festive season cuisine however with the passage of time, the harvesting increased and

Used Cars Importers Protest in Uganda

unbs uganda

The Uganda Nation Bureau of Standards started a program recently according to which each used car importer should pass Pre-Export Verification of Conformity to Standards (PVoC). The importers are protesting against this program due to the fact that every imported

Two Ugandan Families Fighting Over Dead Woman Kid

Two ugandan families fight over a child

Two Ugandan Families belonging to a dead woman were fighting over the custody of her child. The eight year’s old little girl Olive Kirabo’s mother died a week ago leaving the child all alone in this world. Despaired and unable

Luxury And Classic Drive Yet Far from Basic Necessity

This must be a very classy piece of engineering, luxurious, comfortable yet far from basic necessity. The car contains all the premium , superior features like automatic controlling via software, bar, music system, lightning, LCD, Safe locker and a number

Uganda Lake Albert boat capsized: 107 bodies found

boat capsized in uganda

More than 107 bodies including men, women and children have been found in the Lake Albert after a fully loaded boat capsized. The reversing was caused due to over burdening the boat eye witnesses and authorities said. The boat was