Carlos Ghosn- The Nissan Magician

Carlos Ghosn is the business man, who converted the near to bankruptcy Nissan of late 1990s to the sixth largest automaker of today. Hence he is rightly called the “le cost killer” and “Mr. Fix It” for his striking strategies that converted a company to best in gentry from dust to stars.


Because of his success he has achieved a celebrity status with ranking as the 50 most famous men in global business and politics. He now has the leadership position in Renault as well, with Renault-Nissan strategic alliance in later years.


The alliance has been lead to ground breaking success with the first line up of electric cars, leading to a documentary in 2011 as Revenge of the Electric Car. Aside from this Carlos Ghosn got great lime light with his life being chronicled in a Japanese comic book, a Japnese “bento box” named after him on the menu of some Tokyo restaurant for quick lunch craver and his bestselling book by the name “ Shift: Inside Nissan’s Historic Revival.”

Aside from this he wrote another book by the name of “Turnaround: How Carlos Ghosn Rescued Nissan” sharing his story of being a savior with public. He has appeared in auto shows and media and is closely identified with Nissan Leaf and Nissan GT-R. The person has taken crazy risks to the degree that he authorized approximately $ 5 billion to bring Nissan Leaf to market. The most economical super car with four seat and GT-R development was dubbed as “Ghosn’s dream car” with twin turbo V6 availability.

13-VERS-CLR-10-300x220The celebrity, though being the world success had below average ancestors. His grandfather at the age of 13 came from Lebanon to Brazil and entered the rubber industry. He eventually headed it at last, so we can say that Carlos Ghosn has inherited the germs of business from his grandfather. The success did not come easy to him though, as he spend a large amount of time struggling under Brazil’s hyperinflation in Rio de Janeiro.

Carlos Ghosn formed a cross functional management team to determine the best practices amoung diverse nationality people working in South America division. Though his famous quote sum it all, as “You learn from diversity but you get comforted by commonality” hence he found unity in diversity at the best. He is a high risk taker with a lot of investment in developing economies like Brazil, India, China, Russia and Korea on which he was greatly criticized.

The person is considered the hardest working man in brutally competitive global car business best defining his professionalism.