His Car Murdered His Baby

The heat was at the fullest, with everything dry and harsh. Yet his baby was with him, moving to shopping center. Today he has brought his two valuable assets his car and his child together all by himself. He was as always unable to compare the two of his most valued possession as one was his passion, the Blue car. The other was the love of his life, his son. Someone he saw himself in, his son his reflection.


A few moments after his son fall asleep, there was a mobile ring. It was Martha, his wife!


She was asking him to bring a few more things from mall, as it more guest were arriving in the birthday party of his son today. On her question about the baby, He told her that he was fast asleep. Safely away from the scorching sun, he was sleeping in Air Conditioner.


The man went to the mall and started shopping. The list was long and it took him time. After five hours he realized that his son was still in car. He rushed there and open the door. But it was of no use now, as his son has died due to suffocation. He was unable to comprehend the fact that his son died. The police arrived and saw him sitting next to car. On interrogation of what how the accident happened he said “NO! My son was murdered by my beloved car. Hang me! As I am equally accountable.


If you do not want similar to happen with you, make sure that you never leave children in car. As it is not just the suffocation caused by AC that might be dangerous, rather the engine might catch fire. In worst scenario if the hand break is not properly put it will cause greater magnitude of diasters.


Be safe and never leave your child alone in car. As trusting machinery can be killing.