A BMW Z3 V10 almost artisan and with 442 hp



We could throw us all day talking about how beautiful they are sporting competition when it introduced the BMW Z4 GT3, who did not imagine driving it? Meanwhile the old BMW Z3 90 still has its adherents. Tell that if this young Bulgarian 18 when you have prepared an old BMW Z3 Coupe for competition, to replace current E30 BMW M3 leading driving for a year.


With good taste and know-how, the creators of this BMW Z3 in USA Coupe racing have built a machine worthy of section M Motorsport. There you have with your body and widened roads, roll bars, all those security elements, body decoration white and blue stripes and red feature BMW in the competition and best of all: the engine V10 of the BMW M5 developing 441.7 hp. Now think that this car weighs just 1,400 kg, in short, that if they put wings sure I could fly.


The BMW brand is getting popular in the developing countries and I have seen that they demand of used BMW Z3 and used Japanese carsare growing from Russia, New Zealand, South America and especially from African countries like Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa which seems to be increasing at a high rate.


I recommend that you enter the site of this young, Denislav Shishev to see the hundreds of pictures that summarize the preparation and the process to convert the piece of junk that was made ​​the used BMW Z3 in USA wrecked that were based on the preciousness that can see next to this article. His work also must have cost them enter the V10 of 5.0 liters of the German sedan of used BMW Z3 (http://www.sbtjapan.com/kp-bmw-z3), but at least it seems worth it. According to the tests we performed in this beast dynamometer develops 441.7 hp at 7770 RPM with a nearly constant torque delivery.


We do not know what the future will wait for the young Bulgarian, but what is certain is that these sports will it really well.