300 Vehicles Impounded by Zimbabwean Authorities

300 vehicles impounded in zimbabwe

Approximately 300+ vehicles are impounded by Zimbabwean authorities due to increase in unregistered vehicles in the country. The act was executed in order to cut down the crime rate and maintain peace. The crimes like robbery, theft, violating the law and order situation are to name a few. These common crimes were noticed during the last couple of months by the state. Hence the Harare, police spokesman informed media that the impounded vehicles will be released only after thorough check and investigation.

This operation will also help in minimizing hit and run operations, it was very difficult for the police to keep track of cars involved in such road accidents and then to resolve the dispute. Therefore after implementing this plan of ceasing usage of unregistered vehicles it will be quite easier to keep track and locate such cars.

The major objective was to facilitate the farmers to ensure smooth sales of tobacco during the tobacco selling season and protect them from theft and robberies as well as street crimes.