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Used Kia Sportage

by preownedautoblog

The used Kia Sportage is a car developed in 1993 as a compact cross over SUV, from Mazda Bongo engineering platform, so many of the mechanical parts of the car such as engine and transmission were the same as Bongo in earlier models of used Kia Sportage.


The Kia Company alliances with Fords and Mazda, to take advantage of their technology, while in return it was expected to provide cheap manufacturing facility. This was the first generation (1993 to 2004) when used Kia Sportage was sold either in three door convertible or five door station wagons.  Although in the same generation a stretched length model was sold in Asia as used Kia Sportage Grand, with the only change of relocation of spare wheel to underneath the floor.


The basic engine capacity in this generation was 2.0L in Petrol and Diesel with Mazda F engine in petrol and Mazda Diesel engine, although talking about the feature that made used Kia Sportage stand out was the world’s first vehicle with Knee Airbag equipment. The car although had low selling number with discontinuation of the car in South Korea in 2002, and in North America in 2003. Although in developing countries like Chile, Russia and Paraguay it was a running stock.


The second generation (2004 to 2010) the car came in 2.7L Delta V6 petrol, aside from 2.0L diesel and petrol with I4 technology. According to the user of this generation the car is comfortable, fun filled and relaxing. Although according to an online source used Kia Sportage was listed as 20 least expensive cars to insure because of the vehicle safety feature. The Anti-lock Breaking System with Knee airbag aside from traditional Curtain or front airbag worked.


The third generation (2010 onwards) was released in Asian and European Market in first half of 2010, in America the release happened in mid year and in Australia by end of the year 2010. The car now comes in a range of transmissions from 1.6L to 2.4L in petrol, diesel and GDI turbo, with 6 speed automatic and manual transmission to assist a wide range of customer in their car need.


The advantage of the used Kia Sportage is the storage space, giving enough space to put in cargo; aside from fuel economy and low price. Overall, we can confidently say that used Kia Sportage is a good vehicle.

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