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What To See- Used Car Dealers in Zambia

by preownedautoblog

Zambia is a landlocked country with limited resources. Yet the history proves that those who are willing to go extra miles are able to make their mark. We have the example of Japan, a country with limited resources, which made its mark even after being the nuclear war surviving country.

One can easily judge the progress of the country by just looking at road. Japan has supported Zambia by providing world class quality cars at a cheap price. In return Japan is able to support its local auto-manufacturing companies. It is a two way win that generate optimal result when one identify appropriate used car dealers in Zambia.

Years of Experience in Importing Cars

One should identify used car dealers in Zambia that have years of experience in importing car to Zambia. They may be outside the country, preferably in Japan, but should know the ways to bring in car to Zambia in the best possible way. The import regulations, depreciation cost, yard fees and custom clearance are few of a huge pool of things that need consideration. Having the right networks play a crucial role in importing car that benefits buyers.

Knowing the Local Market

In Zambia there are financial constrains yet people want to go for globally recognized Toyota models. So finding the right car for Zambia is crucial. The cars that sell like hot cakes includes; Toyota Allion, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Sprinter and Toyota Runx. Sometimes the customer is not informed of the best choices, so a used car dealer in Zambia should know the way to best support them. For example Allion came as 2001 onwards model, with displacement of 1.5 L and 1.8 L in highest demand. The Toyota Corolla old shape goes in the market as there is no year restriction but the new shape, that came after 2001 is demanded more. The Toyota Sprinter model year 1998 to 2002 is a favored most in the country. The Toyota Runx model year 2002 to 2004 has special place in heart of Zambia. So dealer should be able to suggest the best.

Relationship over Profit

At the end it is the relationship that counts, so a used car dealer in Zambia that go for long term relationship instead of short term monetary gain should be chosen. Remember this, in first time dealing neither do you know about him well nor he can judge your credibility. Hence it is best that you do your home work by checking through internet and discussion in social circle is crucial.

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