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Zambia Cars for Sale

by preownedautoblog

Every market has difference preference as according to individual taste and environment. There are a number of factors that contributes to purchase decision and as a business it is the responsibility of seller to identify the way to satisfy customer, the cars are no exception. The used car industry of Japan faced this challenge when it bought quality cars from auction houses.

Market Analysis


Zambia is a promising market with economic growth highest as according to World Bank. Here though financial crunches are still there, but it had not prevented customers in buying cars from Japan. The companies that have built good-will over the years and have offered better services, before / after sales of cars, generate greater amount of business. In return the society of Zambia has experienced enhanced standard of living with cars available in superior quality and affordable prices.

Toyota Rules

The range of Zambia cars for sale is mostly dominated by Toyota. The Toyota Allion of 1.5 L and 1.8 L is sold like hot cakes. Though other much demanded Toyota range includes Sprinter model year 1998 to 2000, Corolla old and new shape, Runx 2002 to 2004 and Vitz.

Import Process

When going for online buying one can choose from a vast assortment of Zambia cars for sale. The quality of stock is mind blowing, though one need to wait for approximately a month for the car to reach Dar-es-Salam port. The process includes selection and reservation of car, generation of invoice, making payment (mostly Telegraphic Transfer), getting documents by email/ courier and getting it from port.

Import Check

When importing cars from Japan do make sure that the company in question is genuine, as fraud is common. Though one need not to worry, as getting car from company that have years of experience and a number of customers in your country, will never betray you. For checking the credibility of the company you can check with local customers.

Import Documents

The documents required for you to clear car from Dar-es- Salam port includes invoice, bill of lading, export certificate and inspection certificate (Jevic Zambia). As there is no year restriction for the car so people import a number of models with quiet ease.

Hence best way to get quality cars for Zambia is through importing it straight from Japan without intermediary.

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