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Japanese used cars in tanzania

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Tanzania stands tall as the largest country in the East Africa with some part of the country falling in South Africa. The country’s largest city Dar-es-Salam is a business hub and has sea port that connects it to the world.It was previously the capital of the country,because of being a resourceful city.The country is connected on borders with a number of countries. It shares border with Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi to the west; Kenya and Uganda to the north; and Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi to the south.

Used Car Export

Used cars  in Tanzania is managed efficiently by use of inspection and limitation on years to import.Though it does not have strict restriction like a number of other countries,but dumping is managed because of this to a greater extent.One should be informed about the import regulations before importing car from Japan.

Inspection Details

The JAAI (Japan Automobile Appraisal Institute) Tanzania is required for use of the car locally, as Dar-es-Salam is the main port from where the cars go to nearby countries.The inspection varies as according to the country where the vehicle will be used.Here mileage, engine condition, bents and dents (if any) aside from a number of things are noted. It is more of a road worthiness inspection where a certificate is issued,being a proof that it is up to the mark to enter Tanzania.

Year Restrictions

The cars that are mostly preferred are less than 10 years, as high tax are applicable in a number of models.The model years preferred in 2016 are 2005, 2006 and 2007 for less duty; while the 2008/ 2009 cars sell quiet well.

Demanded Cars



The demanded car for sale in Tanzania includes a number of models from Toyota.The Toyota RAV4, Toyota Hiace, Toyota IST,Toyota Harrier,Toyota Klugger and Toyota Noah are options that ruled hearts of customers in Tanzania. The Suzuki Carry, Fusco Fighter ( more than 3 ton), Canter are also in demand.

Hence if you are purchasing through a reliable dealer the buying of car can be a great experience.

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