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Second Hand Cars for Sale in Zambia

by preownedautoblog

The Zambia is a land locked country with limited financial resources. It has been striving hard to make its position in global economy. The fastest growing economic reforms have been ranked number 1, as according to World Bank. The second hand cars for sale in Zambia brought new hope in the lives of this part of the country.

Restrictions on Import

As it is a no restriction country, so any year model can go there. The inspection is required though, that aids in entering of quality cars in Zambia. The tax rate also varies in second hand cars for sale in Zambia that varies according to displacement and car body type. The pickups, trucks and buses have 15% custom duty on all, while the excise duty is 30% on pickup, 16 to 25% on bus or coach. There is no excise duty on trucks. The 0 to 1500 CC engine have 20% excise duty, while the other engines from 1501 to 3000 and above have 30% excise duty. The custom duty is same in all the displacements that are 25 % of the CIF.

Documents and Clearance

The Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Export Certificate (JEVIC-Zambia) and Inspection Certificate are major documents that are required for clearance. The JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Certificate) is not a strict requirement as after paying charges on port the car can be cleared. The port mostly used by Zambians is Dar-es Salam as it is easy for them to travel to Tanzania.

Demanded Cars

It is a Right Hand Drive (RHD) market that has demand for Toyota range mostly. The Allion, Sprinter, Corolla, Vitz and Runx are very much in demand. All year models of Toyota Allion are in demand, though the displacement that sells well include 1.5 L and 1.8 L. The Toyota Corolla, both new shape and old shape are in demand. The Toyota Runx 2002 to 2004 is preferred. The Nissan, Suzuki and other brands also go as second hand cars for sale in Zambia.

Through these cars, Zambia is able to experience world class cars at a low price.

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