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Used Audi A5 Cars for Sale- The Style Statement

by preownedautoblog

The Audi stands tall in range of cars that have best design to support in low price in comparison to BMW and Mercedes. The Audi A5 cars belong to compact executive series that came as sport-back, cabriolet and coupe. The vehicle was first produced in 2007 and continues till today as a best design car. It is based on F4 layout and even its market as a used car is strong. The used Audi A5 cars for sale; have much more to offer.

Design Un-Compromised

It is the brain child of Walter de’ Silva, an Italian designer who breaths style. It is made keeping the smart and stylish chunk of market, so whether it is the look inside or the appearance outside, the supremacy of trendiness is there. The used Audi A5 cars come in different colors having a contribution in giving a style statement every moment. The cabriolet option is best for a road trip with love ones. The open air and tantalizing scenery is deadly combination for making memories.

Expectations Met

It offers more than one could ask for with safety, comfort and experience tailored to the choice of customers. The air conditioning system is computerized, so there is a better temperature management with flow of air through wings move in appropriate way. The cruise control is there to manage speed in best way. The anti-lock braking system is there to maintain tractive contact with road by employing threshold and cadence braking automation. The airbags made of nylon prevents damage to life in case of collision. Hence the expectation on every ground is met in used Audi A5 cars for sale.

Well-built Engine

The typical 2.0 L engine is available in all the three bodies of used Audi A5 cars. Though, 3.2 L engine came in QUATTRO modification. The smooth drive is a dream comes true in this vehicle with four cylinder option for better air combustion. The V6 engine is available in 3.2 L that mates well with 6 speed manual and tiptronic automatic aside from 7 speed S tronic semi automatic and 8 speed tiptronic automatic. The turbo diesel option is also there for fast quality drive.


The Audi A5 cars are giving tough time to Mercedes and BMW.