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Honda Accord Tourer- The Impressive Adventure Wagon

by preownedautoblog
Honda Accord 2006

The Honda Accord Tourer was introduced in the year 2007 as a wagon style version. It had fresh interior and powerful engine to help it in making position in the market. The engines available in the vehicle included 2.0 L and 2.4 L that carved niche with its inline 4 technology use. The different features were available that brought greater advantage to even the used Honda Accord Tourer cars.

The Adventure Look

The chassis of the vehicle is the true depiction of adventure with curves and bents that speaks the thrilling language. The collision effect can be managed well, because of the nature of structure. The used Honda Accord Tourer cars exterior has alloy wheels, roof rail, grille and toned glasses. The alloy wheels are there to add stars to the design of the vehicle. The roof rail further gives it a sportier look with ease to carry additional luggage. The toned glasses provide privacy and also protect from sunlight in case UV filters are installed.

Safe Drive

As it is a Tourer so safety needs to be carefully considered, so used Honda Accord Tourer cars for sale should be cross-checked for safety features. The antilock braking system and traction control are the two options that manage traction for preventing slip on road and better vehicle stability. The right combination of acceleration, brake and suspension has a role to play. The front brake is ventilated disk while the rear one is disk form to make the stopping of car smooth. The front double wishbone suspension and rear multi-link double wishbone further optimize the power to absorb shocks.

Comfort Packed

The used Honda Accord Tourer is a comfort pack with air conditioner, steering adjustment, cruise control, power window and central switch. The air conditioning system is there to manage flow of air inside. The steering adjustment in column and height ease the entry and exit to the driver. The cruise control system is there to manage speed at optimal. The central switch aids in managing different functions at a single location. The color scheme inside is either light or dark. In light color, beige is ready to highlight interior. In dark color, black gives a mysterious feel with features taking backseat in overall layout.

Try the Second Hand Honda Accord Tourer, as it has carved niche in a number of markets, ruling hearts of global customers. Everyday turn into adventure with the look and feel to enjoy every move.

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