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Explore the Sanctuary Zebra Plains in Zambia

by preownedautoblog
Zebra Plain Zambia

In order to reach the Zebra Plain one has to go through the Canoe River, though you might want to touch the running water but hold on, there may be crocodiles in there so you should be aware. If you have planned to reach the Zebra Plain and you want to enjoy the luxurious camping tour, you should further read this article to explore before you reach there. The Zebra Plains which are situated at South Laungwa Nation Park is a sightseeing place. The place was pioneered by Carr Norman some 60 years back.

The best part about Zebra Plain is long walk which is up to 3-4 hours long, the walk is supported by a guide and tea serving as well as real wildlife including elephants, hippopotamus, zebras and giraffes. It is not a one day or few hours trip, one might at least spend 3-4 days exploring the exquisite beauty of wildlife and praise nature.

There is no internet, mobile signals coverage it is a remote area where children under 12 are not allowed to visit. The security and safety measures and training to defend is a must because the wildlife is set free without any fences or boundaries.

The trip is cost effective, it cost only $585 per person with meal servings and safari tour, for some it might seem expensive but it is totally worth it!

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