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Sales of Imported Cars Are Increased for the Seventh Straight Month in the Japan

by preownedautoblog


TOKYO-the Association of importers of cars of Japan unveiled a significant increase to   experienced sales of imported cars in the month of November. According to the entity, sold a total of 19 thousand 736 units over the Japanese territory and representing an internal increase of 10.4% (in the previous year were sold 17,000 876 units).


Of that total, 19 thousand 572 were vehicles for passengers (increase of the 110.6%), 161 trucks (increase of the 94.2%) and 3 buses (150% increase).

On the other hand, the v units accumulated in the period January – November 2012 totaled the 214 thousand 78 units year on year increase of 17.1% (in the previous year were sold 182 thousand 872 units).


In relation to the brands, the JAIA revealed in a press release that the most popular was Volkswagen with 2,000 543 units (increase of the 86.7%) followed by Mercedes-Benz with (increase the 114.0%), BMW 3 thousand 375 (increase the 121.0%), Audi with 2,000 60 (increase of the 123.3%), among others.

According to the report, Tokyo was the town which recorded the highest number of sales of cars imported with 3 thousand 805 units (increase of the 113.8%), followed by Kanagawa 2 297 thousand (increase the 103.1%), Aichi with a 2,000 168 (increase in the 114.5%), Osaka with 1 thousand 629 (increase of the 115.6%), Saitama with 1 thousand 220 (increase the 101.8%), among others.


The sales of Import Cars from Japan (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) have increased for the seventh consecutive month in the Japanese territory.

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