2012 BMW 320i Automatic in Uganda, Africa

BMW 3-Series M-Sport Dynamic Edition

Through the use of technology, carmakers now can create more powerful machines but also much more efficient, making the care for the environment does not have to be synonymous with sacrificing fun and pleasure to handle. BMW is one of the brands that are committed to this and to the use of their new turbocharged engines is replacing veterans by inline six turbo four-cylinder engines that are equal to or faster but consume and pollute less, a case clear this is version 3 Series entry.


The new 320i is the perfect example of what a good engine, however small, can make for a good car. The 320i is the cheapest version of the 3 Series, but no longer a 3 Series. This new generation improves on everything, including space and drivability of the car. Inside find classic materials using the German mark. The design is exactly the same as found in more expensive versions like the 328 or the 335. Being a used BMW 320I in Uganda the equipment can range from the “basics” (remember that is still a premium car) to highly equipped.


The driving position is very good and the seats are very comfortable. The steering wheel has very good grip thanks to its thickness and diameter and the steering is precise and offers good feedback of what is happening on the asphalt. Our test version fitted to the 8-speed automatic transmission … yes, eight. Incredibly even if they seem too marches, the computer is the way that one does not realize the constant changes if handled as normal because the changes are quite soft. In Sport mode the car even as it engages seventh exploits the power band every gear and makes changes as high as possible tachometer.


Its turbocharged four-cylinder engine is the same 2.0-liter that uses the 328, but this time they left with only 185 horsepower. Honestly figure is more than enough for any city driving. Although the turbo has a little delay when accelerating, starts blowing hard from the approximately 2,500 rpm. Push hard enough to make easy any overshoot and throttle response in Sport mode is pretty good.




Do not forget that although it is the most economical, the 320i is still a 3 Series. The handling is very good. The steering, suspension and the response of the gearbox and throttle are completely different depending on the drive mode is selected. When in the comfort everything is just so comfortable. The suspension is soft, the changes are almost imperceptible speeds, the steering is light definitely a very comfortable luxury car that will be easier to bear no matter how intense the townsman traffic similar in performance with the other vehicles.


When all that you switch to Sport mode, this car is completely transformed to give us much more dynamic handling and fun. The 3 Series has always been a very well balanced car and although generally tends to overseer, is very noble and predictable, making it very easy to control when the rear axle loses grip.


This new version of the BMW 3 Series (http://www.sbtjapan.com/kp-bmw-3-series) entry greatly expands the range of buyers to the brand can attract to its dealers. With a very competitive price and a very good engine, the 320i is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy handling a class sedan as the Series 3 offers, but not willing to pay for all the extra equipment.