Nissan Sunny diesel-The Muscular Car

Nissan Sunny was initially launched in 1966 as Datsun 1000, but at that time it was petrol only engine. Later in B11 series of 1980s, the Nissan Sunny diesel was first available with 1.7L engine capacity in 61 PS, giving

Toyota RunX- Easy to buy and handle vehicles from Japan

A subcompact class of car was first introduced in North America in 1970. In Europe and Japan the concept of a mid-size car was adopted at fast speed by manufacturers. Prior to that there used to be only two classifications

Nissan March- The Small Car with Big Advantages

The Nissan March, also known as Nissan Micra in Japan market is a super mini available in front engine and front wheel layout in diverse markets. The car is best for the nuclear family or one who lives alone, as

Carlos Ghosn- The Nissan Magician

Carlos Ghosn is the business man, who converted the near to bankruptcy Nissan of late 1990s to the sixth largest automaker of today. Hence he is rightly called the “le cost killer” and “Mr. Fix It” for his striking strategies

Used Volkswagen Golf

The Used Volkswagen Golf was manufactured for the first time in 1974, and till date it has became the second bestselling car of the world with its presence across globe. In United States of America it is known as Volkswagen